Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Money Video

It is very easy to find educational videos on the Internet for Elementary School students.  A simple YouTube search for money songs will give you hundreds of options.  These videos are great for Elementary School students.  The songs and things they show really allow the students to connect and remember what is being taught.  In the Kindergarten classroom I am currently observing at the Alliance Early Learning School, Mrs. Offenbecher uses a variety of YouTube videos with her students.  The students love the videos and really get into them as they often sing and dance along.  This video is actually one that Mrs. Offenbecher is using in her classroom right now.  The students have advanced throughout the year and are now ready to tackle the concept of money.  This is a hard concept for many children to grasp.  Many students do not understand why a dime is worth more than a penny and a nickel when it is smaller than both of these coins.  By showing this video during class and encouraging the students to sing along Mrs. Offenbecher is helping them practice learning their coins through a fun song.  This song is better than most money songs found on the Internet though.  It not only helps the students with what the coins look like and how much they are worth.  It also tells the students which Presidents and buildings are on the coins.  This will be helpful as the Kindergarten students get older and start to learn the Presidents.  They will have already heard some of the names through the money song so these will be easier to remember later.  There are many great videos on the Internet and teachers should take advantage of them and use them in their classrooms to help students learn in a new and fun way.

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