Monday, February 21, 2011

Using the Smart Board in Elementary Classrooms

There are many great tools using technology that can be used in early childhood classrooms.  One of the most common technologies is the Smart Board.  The Smart Board is a rapidly growing technology that is showing up in many elementary school classrooms across the United States.  Smart Boards can be used for almost all subjects across the curriculum.  The teacher could simply show a website to the class or use the Smart Board to write notes like you would do with a white board.  However, Smart Boards can do much more than that.  They are an interactive tool that allows students to actively participate in class.  The Smart Board technology contains many math concepts that are useful in early childhood classrooms.  Some of these concepts include: money, reflections, rotations, translations, flash cards, dice, spinners, hundreds charts, and protractors.  The Smart Board may allow a child who is struggling with math to better understand the material.  When the teacher presents the material and the child can perform the activity in front of the class they may better understand the math concepts being taught.  If the students in your classroom are doing a worksheet you can bring it up on the Smart Board and fill the answers out with the children.  This will make sure that all of the students are in the right place without having to go around and point to each individual child’s paper.   The Smart Recorder can be used to record your voice.  If you are going to miss a day of school you can record your voice teaching the lesson.  This way your substitute teacher does not have to worry about teaching the lesson and you know that your students received accurate information.  There are many more great things that you can do with the Smart Board in your classroom.  Technology is a great thing to have in elementary school classrooms and the Smart Board is greatly influencing the education of young children today.

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